Marine Life in Danger

Trash pollution is a serious issue. Its been killing marine life for years. Over 180 million pounds of toxic waste is being dumped into oceans, rivers, and lakes each year. Eighty percent of marine pollution comes from the land. Millions of dollars are spent to clean up this pollution each year. Why is the government spending millions of dollars on something that the people will keep ruining? Why don’t we stop this pollution?

There are many ways we are polluting our ocean. We are polluting our ocean with oil, fertilizers, sewage, etc. We are responsible for 12% of the oil in our oceans. 36% of the oil comes down drains and rivers as waste. Fertilizer runs off the farms and into our oceans. This can cause eutrophication.

There are also many objects that affect sea life in our oceans as well. The 80% of marine pollution that originates from the land is mostly plastic. Seabirds, whales, sea turtles and other marine life are eating marine plastic pollution and dying from choking, intestinal blockage and starvation. NRDC analyzed a survey of 95 California communities and found their total reported annual costs for preventing litter from becoming pollution is $428 million per year. What we can do to prevent plastic from in our ocean is cutting plastics from our routine, recycle, and clean up our surroundings.

Drilling for oil ,off the coast, could potentially lead to an oil spill. The spill could cause great harm to the many species in the ocean. This is sometimes referred to When sewage is dumped into the ocean, it can affect both people and marine life. It makes us not want to go into the water. It also makes the sea life travel away from that area. Fish start to migrate from the area of the sewage. When plastics are dumped into the ocean, many fish can be suffocated. Also, fish will be drawn to other areas with can be harmful towards there way of life. This can be called

Finally, I believe we should stop using plastic bags. Plastic bags are littering our streets and oceans. Many fish eat the plastic bag or get tangled in it. I think we should switch to paper bags that can be reused. If people keep polluting our ocean like this, we will have very little living sea life. We also will be in much more debt then we already are. I wish we could find another place to dump all this waste instead of our beloved oceans, rivers, and lakes.


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